Our charity work


We reflect on our values of working tirelessly to bring members the best deals, but we also aim to be ethical, charitable, and innovative.

So far this year, we've raised £1628

Each year, TopCashback staff members decide which charity the company will support for the next 12 months, and we hold numerous fund-raising events throughout the year. Everything from cake sales and a Grand National sweepstake to Christmas Jumper day. This year we chose to support Shelter and House of Bread.


Upcoming Charity events



  • Easter Tombola



  • Grand National Sweepstakes



  • Sunshine Charity Ball

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Shelter are there to give as many people as possible the help and support they need. Everything Shelter does is focused on achieving their vision of a safe, secure, affordable home for everyone.

They raise money and receive your donations so they can help their advice services reach as many people as possible fighting bad housing and homelessness.

As a result, they help millions with housing problems every and then use their knowledge of the issues real people are facing to develop policy proposals that can improve the housing situation for everyone.

They duly campaign to raise awareness of these issues, and generate public support for our solutions.

For more information go to england.shelter.org.uk

House of Bread (HOB) is an organisation that supports vulnerable and homeless people in Stafford and the surrounding area. Throughout the week they hold activities and drop-in sessions providing food, friendship, support and advice available to anyone who comes along and who they like to call Friends.

House of Bread will provide a meal, advice and support as well as a safe and welcoming place for all vulnerable people in Stafford.

For more information go to www.hobstafford.co.uk